2016 Conference: Historical Identities

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Postgraduates of the Department of History at the University of Sydney invite you to attend a two-day interdisciplinary conference held on the 24th and 25th November 2016.

Possible themes, covering the ancient to the twenty-first century, include (but are not limited to):
• Performed and Imposed identities
• Power and Identity
• Transnational Identity
• National and Local identities
• Racial and Ethnic Identities
• Gender and Sexual Identities
• Religious and Political Identities
• Emotion and Identity
• Questions of Authorship
• Material Culture and Identity
• Biography and History

We invite proposals for twenty-minute papers exploring any of the above themes.

Download: Historical Identities Programme 2016 

2014 Conference: Histories Past, History’s Future


In recent years, how we approach history and the histories that we write have come under increasing pressure from various forces in Australian society. More and more we are seeing particular themes, historical subjects and narratives being privileged by governmental, industry and social groups, while others are overlooked and underfunded. At the same time, we continue to see new historical approaches and themes being developed, reflecting the changing political, social and environmental scenes we live within.

The Department of History at the University of Sydney will be holding a two-day conference on the 27th and 28th November, 2014, for postgraduates and early career researchers interested in addressing these issues and impulses in history and other related disciplines. In this conference we hope to open up a discussion about the way in which we currently write our histories, and the subjects, values, themes and methods that we use. Accordingly, we invite abstracts from those working within history and related disciplines, which will inform us about the histories they are writing, and the ways that these histories are being informed by both past and present forces.

Themes that your paper might address include:

  • The history and forms of history you are presently engaging with
  • How you use and write history in your own work
  • How present political, academic or social contexts influence the history you are writing
  • Changing trends in the history fields you are writing within, both in past and present forms, and how this has shaped your own work and interests
  • Interdisciplinary influences in your historical field
  • Different subjects or approaches to history that you are adopting, and how these might be shaped by past and present forces

In addition to these suggested themes, we also welcome other submissions related to history.

Download: Histories Past Programme 2014

2013 Conference: Tethering the Past

Tethering the Past

The University of Sydney History Department is pleased to announce Tethering the Past, an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference to be held on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November 2013.

The History Department at the University of Sydney has over 60 postgraduate students working on a diverse range of topics that engage with scholarship regarding, but not limited to, anthropology, sociology, politics, geography, public health, architecture, law, history and philosophy of science, science and technology studies, education and social policy, political economy, and philosophy.

We are seeking to engage in a larger conversation with students from a range of institutions and disciplines whose work is historically oriented to attend the conference, present papers, and participate in networking opportunities.

Download the full program for 2013: Tethering the Past.


2012 Conference: Moving Histories

Moving Histories

Call For Papers 2012

Moving Histories. Moving beyond national boundaries? Moving and changing people, places and times? Political or cultural movements? Moving and changing historiographies? Moving back/forward to the archive? Moving back/forward to narrative? Moving with historical ‘turns’? You tell us…

Abstracts are invited for the 2012 Postgraduate Conference. All postgraduates are encouraged to participate. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to present your work in a friendly atmosphere and to gain useful input from staff and fellow postgraduates.

Full version available for download here