Thank You!

The organisers would just like to thank everyone again who came to be a part of Histories Past, History’s Future, our interdisciplinary conference held at the University of Sydney in November of 2014.

There were so many interesting papers presented from a range of fields, which drew large crowds which sometimes overflowed from the rooms.

We had three People’s Choice awards, where people voted for their favourite papers at this year’s conference. These awards went to:

Jessica Parr (UNSW) from the Mind, Body Medicine panel, for her discussion on the history of obesity and how it has historically been conceptualised by individuals in the United States.

Chip Van Dyke (USyd) from the Why Economics Matters to Historians panel, for his very entertaining and engaging discussion outlining how economics can prove an illuminating tool for studying attitudes, local and transnational competition and consumption in the trade of food and wine in early modern England and France.

James Findlay (USyd) for his discussion on representations of convict life in early Australian film focussing especially on Zu Neuen Ufern (To New Shores), a 1930s German film depicting life in the Parramatta Female Factory.


Thanks once again to those who also kindly volunteered their time, resources and energy in being part of the conference either as a presenter, audience member or volunteer, and we hope to see you all again next year.



The University of Sydney Postgraduate Conference Committee

(Felicity Berry, Tiarne Barratt, Sarah Bendall, Sam Gribble,  Matt Kennedy, Moira Kenny and Sam Killmore).